Myths Busted On G20 Road Closures

QLD Police Bust Myths On G20 Road & Transport Closures

19 Sep 2014

Police have been urging people not to spread the rumours of mass closures of public transport for the Brisbane G20 event in November.

Brisbane will host a summit of the world leaders on November 15 and 16 with thousands of delegates and support staff attending.

For security reasons there will be closures of roads and public transport routes in the vicinity of the summit, but there has been some confusion amongst locals as to what areas will be shut down.

Among rumours of the whole Brisbane CBD becoming an exclusion zone and the M1 Motorway being closed (both false) there has also been speculation that Milton’s train station would be closed down.

This has been refuted, with the Queensland Police assuring the public Milton train station, and most other train and bus stations, will remain open and functioning.

The only places that will become “declared areas” in which public movement will be restricted are the sole-use hotels where delegates are staying, and the Brisbane Convention Centre.

For more information about the closure myths that won't be occurring, visit the ABC News Site.

So if you feel like enjoying a day out in Milton on the November long weekend there will be nothing to stop you. Visit your favourite restaurants or go for a walk along the Brisbane River, just make sure you check for road closures if you need to pass through the city.

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