New Facade For Legacy Way

Legacy Way is a Brisbane City Council initiative to cut down on Traffic congestion on Milton Road.. This means motorists not visiting or coming from Milton will be able to bypass Milton Road making commutes from Toowong to Kelvin Grove much faster.

To enhance the appearance and take away the ugliness of the highway wall for residents and motorists, Brisbane City Council collaborated with architects RPS Group and UAP Factory to create a stunning façade.

The façade covers the wall cladding toward the inside of the tunnel and also the eastern ventilation stations building. Its design was created using GPS mapping to track their pedestrian, vehicular and aero movements around Australia for over a year. The linear patterns represent movement within an urban environment and generates a sense of visual movement for the motorists.

The panels are made from aluminium and the twisting patterns are created by using powder-coated bars and are positioned at varying lengths which adds depth to the pieces. It’s an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing façade to what otherwise would be a simple highway wall.


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