New Milton CityCat Terminal Designs

New CityCat Terminal Design Features

21 May 2014

You may have heard by now that there is set to be a new ferry terminal built where Park Road meets the Brisbane River; our own Milton CityCat stop.

Milton CityCat Ferry TerminalOnce completed this will be a great boost for Milton as it will allow easier transport to the area bringing in more business, particularly to the bars, cafes & restaurants.

Under construction by McConnell Dowell, a great deal of planning has gone in to this new terminal, ensuring its look, position and construction is right for the suburb and the conditions it will face.

The pier itself has been designed to be far more resilient than previous CityCat terminals. It will be firmly anchored to the riverbed with steel pipes to prevent it from floating away in strong currents and has been designed to deflect flood water debris.

In a world first design concept, the state-of-the-art gangway will have the ability to detach at the shore end during a flood. This will allow the gangway to rise with flood waters and even swing behind the pontoon, removing it from the direct impact zone of flood water debris.

The pontoon will be large enough for two CityCats to berth at a time, making sure it’s set to handle the high traffic expected at the Milton stop.

Access to the terminal will be via a bridge suspended 3 metres above the busy riverside bikeway, ensuring the safety of commuters needing to cross the path during peak times. Stairs will provide quick access while accessible ramps will be in place to assist those with mobility impairments.

Milton CityCat Ferry TerminalWith a number of other features including seating & rest zones, plenty of lighting, journey maps in braille & tactile ground surface indicators for vision impaired travellers, nothing has been overlooked here.

Throw in an intriguing European design to match the theme of the Milton dining precinct and we are pretty excited to see this ferry terminal open us up to the river.

But, we all have to wait until December 2014 for it to open.

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